Home remedies – Vitamin C

Our juicing box.

I have been spending a lot of time reading on my therapy days about how to respond to the Coronavirus. I am convinced after 40 years of study, that much of our health challenges are directly impacted by how we eat, think and live.

Good nutrition is the foundation of good health as it builds our own bodies ability to fight invader viruses, bacteria and other things that can make us sick. I also know that cleanliness is also an important factor. I’m sure everyone knows by now to wash hands, wash surfaces, etc.

This is what I am doing to get more vitamin C into our food plan:

One of our delicious Klesicks “Box of Good” delivered to our door! https://klesicks.com/. You can select a box or build your own.

1.  I get two boxes of produce delivered weekly from the Klesick Family Farm. One box has vegetables for juicing. The other is a salad and vegetable box. One thing I find really helpful is that they include a weekly newsletter with several recipes on the back to use the sometimes “new to us” vegetables. My husband has some pretty definite ideas of things he won’t eat and the recipes help to get around that. The recipes also give him something to follow when he doesn’t know what to cook if I am not feeling well. 

32 ounce bottles with fresh juice ready to be mixed.

2.  We juice the veggies and pour it into these brown bottles I’ve collected as I have used up the Sonne’s Bentonite Clay. We fill half the bottles with the juice mixture.  I then add a full scoop each of: Vitamin C powder, collagen powder, spirulina powder, Plexus Slim, and whatever else I can think of to bump up the nutritional value.  I shake that all up and top it off with distilled water. I place the row of these bottles in my refrigerator.  My family mixes the juice ½ and ½ with cranberry juice for their dose.  I just drink the bottle.  For my personal therapy, I try to drink one whole bottle a day.  

Somethings I add to boost nutritional intake. mysite.plexusworldwide.com/fiddlefamilyfarm Lots of good stuff there!

3. The rest of the veggies we try and clean and cut up the celery, cucumbers and whatever else and put them into containers so they are ready to eat or take on a picnic. We are doing a lot more picnics lately!

My children enjoyed using a hand juicer to “make” orange juice, grapefruit juice, etc. My friend Carrie Smalley makes “Hungarian Lemonade” by washing lemons, limes, oranges and then slicing them up and putting them in water.  It tastes good and I think its a fun way to include kids the the process of making things to eat or drink.  

I have been watching Youtube videos of Dr. Richard Cheng from Shanghai, China and his extremely positive results with using Vitamin C IV’s for patients with the Coronavirus. He is now involved with three clinical trials that I know of in which Vitamin C IVs are being used. He said he has used 24,000 to 100,000 mg IV and seen an excellent recovery rate. He recommends 3,000 to 5,000 orally for people who do not have the virus to “bowel tolerance”. “Bowel tolerance means, when someone gets gas or diarrhea, cut back on how much Vitamin C you are taking. In a video I saw of Dr. Cheng, he said to avoid the pill form as some the things they use to make a pill interfere with absorption. He also said to drink it from glass or pottery cups. Plastic can leach into the drink with the vitamin C and metals also are a problem. I don’t recall if he said why. https://www.globalresearch.ca/three-intravenous-vitamin-c-research-studies-approved-treating-covid-19/5705405

I do know that I have been reading posts on Facebook from the “Lead-Free Mama” Tamara Rubin. Besides educating people about lead toxicity, she tests dishes and cups for their lead and other metal content. She found that a child who was dealing with lead toxicity was taking his medications and remedies drinking from a leaded glass cup. Lead toxicity in our world is a whole other issue to write about.

I recommend practicing this yourself first and then have your children help you with this. Kids love to smash the veggies and fruits through the juicer! I find kids that help prepare food are more likely to eat or drink things they make themselves.

Our basic recipe is a combination of celery, cucumbers, lemons, garlic, a little fresh ginger, beets and carrots. My family likes to add an apple or two to their share of the juice. There are many options!

How are you making healthy eating more fun?