Kids and Conferences


Jeff and I got to bed about 3:45 Halifax time. I remember thinking that I would never be able to get up in time for breakfast after so little sleep. Then I remembered it was only 11:45 Seattle time. I was so tired I don’t think my brain was working.

We slept well and had another good breakfast and got packed and on the road. I had packed as many supplies as I could for the Village Missions conference before going to Prince Edward Island and Halifax but there really was no way I could anticipate everything. Jeff did his best to help me as he packed into our van the boxes of magazines, watercolor supplies, sea shells and pictures frames as well as four large bags of mystery crafts someone had donated for this week as well as my guitar and fiddle and his Mandolin. We still needed to pick up glue and other basic supplies to accommodate so many of the craft and art projects I had planned. Someone gave me four bags of different craft kits that wasn’t sure I would use. I am not so keen on prepackaged crafts. ¬†Later in the week, I was glad to have them.

We had to change the route we were planning to take across the Columbia river at Longview as it was backed up for miles. We headed back to I-5 south and crossed the bridge from Vancouver. We headed to Hwy 26 and stopped in Hillsboro for supplies at the local Joanne Fabrics. Unfortunately, the prices for glue, scissors and other supplies there was going to burn through my $75 budget too quickly. This prompted me to call my crafting expert friend, Charla Frisinger- who does Bible journaling classes with her Charla business in Tyler and Jacksonville, Texas. She said, “google a dollar store.” That was the perfect advise and stretched my allowance significantly.

The delay caused by the detour and the time spent shopping made us later than the 4 PM meeting to check in. Further compounding frustration was a miscommunication on who was responsible for getting a background check on Jeff. He wasn’t allowed in with the kids Monday night. Fortunately, I had two other helpers and it was a shorter session.

I stated with some music and a short Bible lesson followed by asking the kids to choose pictures from magazines I had brought that were things they had some kind of an interest in. Too late I realized most of the magazines had flowers, birds and traveling as the main focus. My goal was to use their creations as tool for them to share during a latter session. Fortunately there were a few airplanes and Marvel comics characters as well. We had six girls and nine boys to accommodate interest and energy. I had been warned that these kids were going to be more of a challenge as they were pastors kids who thought they knew all the Bible stories.  God had some surprises this week for all of us.

This was an “early to bed” night as I knew the next day was going to be a very full four hours in the morning session.