Music is a very important part of our family! We teach fiddle, guitar, singing, mandolin and folk, ballroom and square dancing. Jeff Cohen  and Jeanne’ Cohen Mirgon performed with the Enzian Schupplattler group out of Seattle, Washington for many years. Practical teaching and application of Biblical principles is the important foundation of our family.

We continue to teach music as part of our family life style as we participate in as well as teach at Washington Old Time Fiddle Jams and Workshops.  We remain active in mentoring homeschoolers, Mothers of Preschoolers leading teaching music and movement for children birth to kindergarten, mothers of special needs children, and Bible Study Fellowship.

We perform as “Fiddle Family Farm Band” with Clairesse playing fiddle, Joshua on vocals, Jeff on the mandolin and Jeanne’ on guitar at various Christmas venues and farmers markets.  We are working on our first album and writing.

We are a family that lives on an island in the Pacific Northwest. We have a small hobby farm to help provide healthy food options.  We have been involved with Home schooling since 1984 when Jeanne’ was approached to supervise homeschooling families during the pilot study done for the Washington State Legislature in which home schooling was shown to be a very viable option for educating children. She is currently certified to teach preschool through 12th grade.

All three of our children, Christjanna, Joshua and Clairesse Cohen Mirgon,  were homeschooled until late high school or they started college and are doing very well.

We invite you to join in with our continuing life adventures!