Learning curve ahead

This post really could be titled “transitions and other scary things”.  We are learning more about medical layoffs than we ever expected or wanted to know.  So much so that I realized I really needed some solid music time.  We registered for the Washington Old Time Fiddle Camp almost at the last minute. I registered Jeff for the intermediate mandolin class while I registered for the lower intermediate fiddle class. There were no other choices four days before camp started.  A quick phone call response to my email asking about options let me know that we were welcome to come, even with short notice.

The trip to Moses Lake allowed us to stop in and have lunch with Clairesse and hear about her adventures with the horse campers.

Guitar, mandolin, fiddle and ukuleles

The drive across the mountains and through the valleys with the ever changing trees, grasses, rock formations and vast vistas as we came down the mountains to the farm land remind us once again of God’s Sovereign Creativity.

We found a place to camp on the Moses Lake  Christian Academy school grounds.  WOTFA made arrangements for showers with the neighboring health club. We had access to electricity and water. Best of all, we had the joy and delight of having musical neighbors who played us to sleep at night. Not much better than that!