Youth Dynamics Stonewater Ranch

Meanwhile, Clairesse is making the transition to Horse Wrangler in Plains, Wa. at the Youth Dynamics Stonewater Ranch. Youth Dynamics is a non-profit organization that focuses on building positive connections with teens and young adults to hear about and experience real relationships leading to meeting Jesus Christ. In addition to the ranch, they connect with students on their campuses, at sporting events, and other high school hang outs as well as providing facilities for drop-in times such as The Spot” In Stanwood, Washington and “The Mud Hut” in Arlington, Washington. There are also other Youth Dynamics camps in Oregon and Idaho.

Since May 22, she’s completed training in Wilderness Advanced First Aid, started training for the ropes repelling course and training to work as a Horse Wrangler for the summer. Because of our prearranged trip to Prince Edward Island, she missed the training for rafting certification so will most likely pick up that training up next year.

We dropped off a box of art supplies for her to use as there is such a great “scope for the imagination” in the Leavenworth area. I’m hoping and praying she gets time for some watercolor painting. We also dropped off her guitar as she will be doing some music with the campers. A guitar may be a little more conducive to leading music than a fiddle.  

This is an area near and dear to our hearts as Jeff and I spent several years performing with the Enzian Schuplattler group for Octoberfest and for the Maifest as well as cross country skiing trips when our kids were small.

We were glad to see the ranch and the new mustangs. Even horses are tempted by the grass on the other side of the fence!

This week was their first week of camp. The busy schedule included time with the horses as well as some rock climbing. The Stonewater Ranch, run by Youth Dynamics provides leadership training for kids from all over the Pacific Northwest. I’m hoping Clairesse will be able to do a little blogging on her adventures in the wilderness. This is a full-time mission and Clairesse is expected to raise prayer and financial support. Many of the teens who attend camp come from broken homes. Many have never been to the wilderness or seen a horse up close. Please pray for her, the staff and the campers. God’s wisdom, provision and protection as they travel into the back country is always a good thing! If you’d like to support her, the link is